Welcome to Oak Class September 2016

Welcome back to Oak class for those year 6's who are now in their last year and the new year 5's, and ready to attack the hard work ahead of them - it's going to be a very busy year.

With the Harvest Festival just around the corner (which every single pupil has worked extremely hard to produce their own thoughts about how they feel about Harvest) our class work is mainly focused on presentation and creative literacy pursuits.

To complement our science and Topic this term we are planning a trip to Lincoln to see in reality the reproduction of plants in a Garden Nursery of historic accord.

Just as a gentle reminder with so many pupils taking their SAT's at the end of the year, these are independent tests, which is why we encourage all homework to be attempted independently.

Also, we cannot stress how important it is to be fluent in all times tables - these help hugely with mental maths and when organising long calculations, lots of encouragement and help from parents and carers is very much appreciated where times tables are concerned.  There are lots of times table songs on YouTube to help and several apps to help with mental maths.

We hope you see many of you in the Chapel for Harvest Festival to celebrate our hard work so far.


Welcome to the Spring Term in Oak Class


We welcome you back to an exciting new term, where we will be delving into the origins of our present ‘State of Justice,’ by examining the Crime and Punishment of over the ages from Anglo-Saxon though the Victorian period up to and including the present day. 

We will be debating and analysing whether the punishments were carried out, as actual punishments or deterrents. This leads beautifully in to our English work is based on debates and arguments.  The second half of the term will include a further continuation of poetry and a more in-depth use of imagery, personification, similes and onomatopoeia.

During our maths work we are excited to discover how much fun fractions are, these are then leading beautifully into percentages and decimals.


What makes Mrs Sexton & Miss Dowell good teachers?


I like Mrs Sexton and Miss Dowell because they always encourage us and they are funny and it’s a nice way of learning – Jack

They make sure we understand what you are learning in lessons. If you struggle then they always go through it with you – Keira

Miss Dowell and Mrs Sexton are great teachers because they help you if you’re stuck. They explain what you are doing in lesson and if you don’t understand then they’ll help – Sadie

They are good teachers because they put a lot of effort into teaching us – Holly

Mrs Sexton and Miss Dowell always help us learn new things and they are the best teachers EVER! – Kai

They are really nice teachers because they make work fun for everybody and if you are ever sad they will cheer you up – Jodie

I like Miss Dowell and Mrs Sexton because they are really friendly and push me to my limits so I can learn to the best of my ability – Niamh

They always help me in lessons and whenever I’m upset they will always be there for me. They both make me smile everyday – Shannon

They help us when we are stuck on our work and find fun ways for us to remember what we’ve learnt. Some things like Kung Fu Punctuation and giving Times Tables games and splatting the answers on the interactive board – Roisin

They are good teachers because when I struggle in a lesson they can always help me. If you’re not sure on something they will chat to me and make sure I understand and it makes me feel so much better! – Lisa

They make it fun but hard at the same time! I like a challenge and they always help me when I need it the most. They have always got a smile on their faces and they put a smile on mine – Matthew

Miss Dowell always tells us what we need to learn. Mrs Sexton gives us really good lessons because in Science we investigate some good experiments – Olivia

Miss Dowell goes over work with me and explains it clearly. Mrs Sexton in our grammar lessons helps us get ready for SATS and goes over all the punctuation – Tiana

Mrs Sexton helps me with my spellings and makes learning fun. Miss Dowell helps me with my Maths and if I get a question wrong says “can you explain how you got that answer?” and then helps me – Faith

 Mrs Sexton teaches us really well and has some exciting lessons like ‘Kung Fu Punctuation’ and experiments in Science. Miss Dowell teaches us really well and she likes to have fun with Oak Class! – Eliza

We look forward to posting pictures of our learning over the coming year.

Spring Term update...


We we have enjoyed securing our understanding of ordering fractions and decimals, in very kenesthic methods (being up and physically moving around in order to learn).


We have also applied kenesthetic learning to our Crime and Punishment lessons, endured hard labour from the Victorians, and conducted a court hearing from the Roman Period.      


Summer Term 2017...


The last term of the year, we have been so busy learing and preparing for the huge changes in September for many of our students who are taking their next big step in their educational journey to secondary schools.

With the steady studying for SAT's for which we wish them all the best - although, with all their hard work, it should be a nice way of actually proving how well they have studied in their core subjects.

The weekend after the SAT's are completed, a reprieve to PGL, the staff and pupils are all very excited to have a wonderful end goal of our hard work this term.

The second half of the term, our pupils will be focused on researching and preparing to launch their own enterprise (this is a practical use of all academic learning). The profits will be used for their end of year trip - let's hope they have vivid imaginations and strong business brains, or we'll be spending the day orienting around the local area instead of a wonderful day at a place of their choice... with our young people the sky is the limit!