Welcome to Monkey Puzzle Class!

November 2018

It's been another busy term for us so far. In English we have been learning lots of new grammatical skills. In Maths we have been developing our calculation skills. With Mr Taylor, our music teacher, we are now learning how to play Djembe drums. We have been swimming this term, and we are all improving our skills in the pool. And in French we have been learning words for numbers and colours.

Our topic work - Mountains and Volcanoes - is also proving to be interesting and fun. Here we are playing a mountains dice game (which requires us to use some mental maths!) -



September 2018

Welcome back to a new term and new school year in Monkey Puzzle class! We have been settling in, and delving into some exciting new subjects including Mountains and Volcanoes in topic work and Teeth and Eating in science. We've been discussing Good Manners, and what is appropriate in school, and brushing up on our skills in English and Maths.

We'll give another update soon, but for now you can see some of us exploring place value and how we can use it to add numbers:


June/July 2018

Our Saxon and Viking work has been coming along nicely. At the moment we're learning all about long-ships, and building some models! We've also been writing and performing poetry, revising lots of things in maths, and practising for Sports Day!

Our class also took part in a World Record attempt - the largest Samba performance! (Over 2000 people, drumming all together at Lincoln football ground.) Hopefully this will be verified within a few weeks.

We've also been doing some fencing. Not the common or garden fence variety - the sort where you compete with swords! Here we are, learning how to do it:


April/May 2018

Lots to tell you about; where to start? Probably about 600 years ago - our new topic is Saxons and Vikings. We've been learning about where they came from and how they lived. We've also been writing messages using ancient runes!

In Literacy we've been writing lots of things to do with dragons - such as instructions, recipes and stories. In Maths we've been improving our times tables knowledge and exploring different types of angles.

PE has involved a local golf professional, as we've been learning "tri-golf". Some of us even attended a tri-golf festival against other schools. (We just missed out on bronze medals, as we were nudged into 4th place! Great fun, though, and good sportsmanship all round. Well done everyone.)

In Science we've started exploring Electricity. Here are some of us experimenting with circuits:

March 2018

The snow was fun, but it's back to normal now in Monkey Puzzle class! The first thing to tell you is that we've been busy cooking. In the juniors we learnt how to make a Chow Mein. Lots of new skills - how to cut vegetables safely, how to steam meatballs, how to stir-fry...

Amongst many other things, we've also been using our mental maths skills on Mathletics - an online competition which pits your calculation skills against pupils from around the world! Here we are in action:


January 2018

It may be cold outside but we've done some hot stuff in class this month. Our new topic is "The World" so we've been exploring atlases, maps and globes. In English we've been doing various activities to do with Roald Dahl's "The Twits" - including writing and performing plays. In Maths we've been learning about different types of graphs. And in science we have been studying sound and hearing.

Linked with this, we made paper cup telephones!


21st November 2017

In conjunction with our Romans topic, we took a trip to The Collection in Lincoln. We learned about archaeology and how Romans lived; we made some shields; and we marched as Roman soldiers. Lots of learning, and lots of fun!



November 2017

We have been very busy already, during this autumn term. In English, for example, we have been doing descriptive writing and story writing. In Maths we have been developing our written calculations skills. And we have been exploring our new topic: Ancient Romans.

Here we are making Roman cookies!


July 2017

The last couple of months have whizzed by. We have been working hard, developing our skills in English, Maths, Science and other subjects. This month has also been a busy one for sports. Here is Mackenzie competing in an athletics competition:

We also had a lot of fun on our School Games Day. You can see some of our class taking part in the morning activities that were run by the Year 5s and 6s:


May 2017

It's May already - doesn't time fly! And talking of flies, we have been busy investigating our new topic: minibeasts.

We explored the school gardens to see what small creatures were living there:

We have also been busy in other subjects: developing our calculation skills, writing diaries, learning new drumming patterns in music and counting to 21 in French. A bientot!


End of March 2017

The culmination of our topic on Bridges: our home projects!


March 2017

It's been non-stop learning here.

In Maths we've been learning about place value, and how to multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100.

In English we've been writing non-chronological reports, and learning about subordinate clauses.

And in Topic we've been designing and making model bridges again. This time not using "normal" materials. Not at all. This time we've been using spaghetti and marshmallows! How can you make something strong using such weak materials? Well, this is what we investigated:

February 2017

We've had a busy month exploring our new topic: Bridges! We have been exploring different types of bridge designs, and have started creating models:


We have also been busy in maths, looking at all types of measuring - length, capacity and weight. On balance, we've learnt quite a lot...

September 2016

A new autumn term, and already we've been very busy. In particular we have been practising for the forthcoming Harvest Festival, and exploring our new class topic: World War 2.


 We are well prepared in Monkeypuzzle class.

 In addition, we've been busy going swimming, singing songs - and learning new skills in English and Maths.