Welcome to Maple class 

We are a happy, busy bunch of reception, year 1 and year 2 children.

Our helpers are Mrs Baker, Mrs Andrew, Mrs Enderby and Miss Mackey.

We worked super hard during 2017 and are enjoying our new learning in 2018!

Here we all are 


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21/11/18 - Our food and farming music day. 

We enjoyed having Justina and Krista in, they taught us new songs with actions and also how to play some new instruments like the Dejembe drums. We worked hard all morning and performed infront of parents and the juniors in the afternoon. Here we all are having fun.









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Welcome back to our Autumn Term we are looking forward to lots of new learning!

we have had a few weeks in school now and this is what we have to say.....


Week beginning 5th November 2018

Violet and Maddison learnt that Christopher Columbus was hoping to sail to China.

Megan and Lexi learnt that the i can also say 'I' in some words such as 'pirate'

Eryn learnt how to curl the tail of her g in handwriting.

Jessica learnt that a g can make a j sound like in George.

Summer learnt that when she mixed red and yellow she could make orange for her firework picture.

William liked learning new sounds in phonics this week.

Hinako liked tearing paper to make log shapes for her firework picture.

Eddy liked making a hibernation house for a snake.  He gave the snake water and a big leaf for shelter.

Jess learnt that Christopher Columbus was born in 1451.



week beginning 30th October 2018

Lily looked out for cylinders and cuboids on a shape hunt this morning.

Eryn was able to name some common 2D shapes in maths on Tuesday.

Lexi liked Big Write this week because she got to write about going Trick or Treating.

Jess really liked making hedgehog bread rolls with her class yesterday.

Megan liked guided reading this morning.  She read a book about visiting the dentist.

Jessica enjoyed eating her hedgehog bread at home.

Susannah liked writing about her half term holiday when she went swimming and jumping in the deep end.

Ollie liked chalking shapes on the playground.



Miss Gillies Wedding Celebrations

This morning we surprised Miss Gillies with a pre-wedding party.  We had wedding cake and games as well as confetti and a photo shoot!

Jessica and Kenzie loved watching Miss Gillies cut her wedding cake.

Lexi liked hitting the pinata.

Isla enjoyed dancing to the music and watching the disco lights.

Hinako and Ollie Wyer also enjoyed dancing at the party.

Lily loved everything about the party.

Jess and Megan enjoyed the selfie station and having their photo taken.

Susannah liked the game 'pin the bouquet on the bride' and drinking the fizzy drink to toast the bride.

Scarlett loved wearing her beautiful dress and throwing the confetti at Miss Gillies.

Eleanor liked throwing the horseshoes in 'horseshoe toss'

William and Eddy enjoyed eating the wedding cake!

Ollie enjoyed throwing confetti and getting it in his hair.

Molly liked the chocolate wedding cake.


We'd all like to wish Miss Gillies lots of love for her wedding day tomorrow and look forward to seeing Mrs Andrew join us back in our classroom on Monday. xxx



28th September 2018 

Megan learnt that milk has a long journey to get from the cow to the shop.

Leo A and Summer learnt the 'au' sound in phonics.

Isla likes to practice getting her handwriting neat.

Isabelle liked making new playdoh in school and Amalie made snails using playdoh and conkers.

Amy and Maddi listened to a story in RE called The Lost Sheep and then made their own woolly sheep.

Kenzie learnt how to make a for sale poster to advertise Jacks cow for sale.

Hinako liked making her yellow playdoh.

Scott learnt how to turn cream into butter and Lexi liked tasting the butter on a cracker.

Ethan R liked rolling the conkers in paint to make pretty patterns.

Eleanor learnt to count in 2's in maths.


21st September 2018

Isla is happy to be back in school because "I love school"

Ollie Wyer likes it in school.

Scarlett likes being in year 2 and being one of the oldest in the class.

Jessica enjoys being in school because she missed Miss Gillies.

Lily likes being in year 1 and is enjoying working hard.

Eli loves dressing up as a lion in our dressing up clothes.

Hinako likes to make her mum and sister presents at school.

Eleanor enjoys our art and DT lessons.

Megan is glad to be back at school to catch up with her friends and her teachers.

Susannah enjoys being back at school and is making lots of new friends with our reception group.