Welcome to Maple class 

We are a happy, busy bunch of reception, year 1 and year 2 children.

Our helpers are Mrs Baker, Miss Gillies, Mrs Campling and Miss Mackey.

We worked super hard during 2016 and are enjoying our new learning in 2017!

Here we all are 

We have been on our class trip to the Dinosaur Adventure Park. Click here to see our photos!

  click here to see what our reception have been up to.

 Maple class are learning about 'Dinosaurs' in Topic lesson's here we are being palaeontologists. We learnt lots about the equipment they use and even got to find dinosaur bones! 

We have also learnt lots about fossils we even had a go at digging fossils (chocolate chips) out of rocks (biscuits) using a tooth pick, we had to be very gentle and carerful!








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Welcome back to our Autumn term we are looking forward to lots of new learning!

what we have learnt this week.



Susannah and Vinnie learnt the 'ew' sound in phonics.

Violet learnt that her brain is protected by her skull.

Ethan learnt that 'o', 'e' and 'a' make an 'er' sound.

Amy learnt that all families are different.

Summer enjoyed drawing her family on holiday.                                  

Chloe learnt her quarter to and quarter past times on the clock.

Jack learnt more about apostrophes in phonics.

Harrison and Oliver learnt how to throw and catch a bean bag in PE.

Megan enjoyed the hungry caterpillar story.

Lily enjoyed making patterns with the coloured teddy bears.

Jessica enjoyed cutting out pictures from the Gruffalo story.

Lexie learnt how to aim using a bean bag in PE.

Eleanor enjoyed the story Farmer Duck.



Harrison learnt what a Hindu temple looked like and enjoyed drawing one.

Shelby learnt the story 'Whatever next' in English and also learnt its a ficton book.

Chloe learnt the 'air' sound in Phonics.

Leo Ashby and Jessica enjoyed playing with the remote control cars.

Eleanor enjoyed playing mummy's and sister's with Summer and Megan.

Ethan learnt how to add and takeaway 10 with a hundred square.

Susannah learnt the 'ue' sound.

Lily enjoyed making a rocket out of bricks for her challenge.

Jack learnt what a homophone is in Phonics.

Kenzie learnt how to keep his handwriting straight.

Maddy J learnt that Kangaroos are super tiny when they are born.



Leo Cooper has enjoyed playing Power rangers outside.

Jack has learnt how to spell anchor and acrobat in phoncis.

Madison has learnt lots of different ways to spell the 'air' sound in phonics.

Maddy has learnt what a multiple of 10 is in maths.

Susannah learnt a new sound 'ie' in phonics.

Shelby has learnt her teens number's by partitioning her tens and ones.

Harrison learnt that the first train was built in the 19th centuary by reading his comprehension sheet in guided reading.

Paige learnt that we can spell the 'air' sound as 'ere' in phonics. 

Lexie learnt a new song all about our seasons.

Eleanor has enjoyed playing hide and seek with Megan.

Molly has enjoyed playing in our outdoor area and playing with the Barbies.

Maddison T has learnt to count in 2's.



This week we were lucky enough to be invited into year 3 and 4 to meet some of the animals that Animals UK brought in for Mr Plumbs class to learn about. We learnt lots too...

Maddy and Jack learnt that a snake sticks its tongue out to smell. 

Maddison Tanner enjoyed seeing the animals.

Ethan learnt that meerkats are very naughty.

Edward met Kiwi the snake and learnt that her scales feel very silky.

Charlie learnt that meerkats all have different patterns on thier backs and that's how they identify each other in the wild.

Aidan learnt that a meerkat's vision is four times better than ours.

Mercades enjoyed meeting Kiwi and although she was very big already she was going to get bigger.

Isaac learnt that Daisy the Tortoise can grow as large as a dinner table and can live for 140 years.

Shelby learnt that Daisy the Tortoise had a very hard, bumpy shell.














Edward learnt in science that a ladybird only lives for one year.

Chloe and Paige learnt the 'er' sound in phonics.

Jack and Mercades learnt about syllables this week in phonics and Jack enjoyed learning about money in maths.

Madison Tanner enjoyed making dinosaur eggs from clay in topic.

Ethan and Vincent learnt that a dragonfly lays its eggs on the water.

Oliver learnt about minibeasts habitats and found a huge woodlouse on our school field.

Lexie learnt about pulses and beats in music.

Aidan learnt that our heartbeat is like a beat in music.

Shelby and Oliver learnt that snails can live up to 5 years.

Charlie learnt that a grasshopper only lives up to 5 months.

Harrison learnt that a dragonfly only lives up to 2 months.














Vinnie learnt the tricky word 'her' and he also knows how to spell it.

Edward learnt that a Triceratops skeleton was found in America.

Chloe and Shelby learnt the trigraph 'ear' in phonics.

Madison learnt the 'air' sound in phonics.

Jenna learnt that divide means share.

Violet and Susannah learnt how to count in 10's all the way to 100!

Ethan learnt about the dinosaur T.Rex.

Harrison learnt that when dinosaurs lived the continents of the world were all joined together.

Isaac could remember that the super continent was called Pangaea and Edward could spell it!

Maddy learnt the symbol for divide.



Isaac learnt that Florence Nightingales dad was called William Nightingale. 

Aidan learnt how to do arrays in maths.

Ethan learnt how to write a letter in big write.

Jack learnt how smoking can be bad for your body.

Vinnie learnt how to swim on his back with one float.

Chloe learnt that Florence Nightingale was called lady of the lamp.

Maddison Tanner enjoyed racing Vinnie and jumping in the foam pit at Long Sutton gymnastics club.

Jenna learnt how to float on her back in swimming.

Susannah enjoyed going to the gymnastic club today and jumping in the foam pit.

Paige learnt how to swim backwards with no float.

Harrison enjoyed racing poppy and winning a medal for being the fastest year 1 boy.

Keisha learnt that you can use arrays for your times tables and dividing.



Jack learnt lots about speech bubbles.

Oliver learnt how to make a dreidel in RE.

Aidan enjoyed doing guided reading today we read the book 'Harry Brown upside down'.

Shelby learnt what a timeline is.

Maddy learnt how to play the game with her dreidel.

Paige learnt the 'oi' and 'oy' sound in phonics.

We all enjoyed putting together a get well spell for Mrs Hyde.

Amy enjoyed learning about a Menorah in RE.

Lexie learnt about timelines.

Vinnie learnt about Hannukah.

Edward learnt a new game in swimming called washing machine.

Maddison T enjoyed making a dreidel... and we all enjoyed going to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice at the South Holland centre this afternoon.


Harrison learnt that Florence Nightingale was called the lady with the lamp.

Edward learnt how to create a monster and describe it using adjectives.

Maddy learnt that Florence Nightingale helped soldiers.

Jack learnt about Hanukkah , it's a Jewish festival all about light.

Jenna learnt that Florence Nightingale was a nurse and helped soldiers in the Crimean war.

Susannah has enjoyed colouring a Gruffalo mask.

Paige has learnt the sound 'ough' in phonics.

Shelby has learnt 'ow' sound in phonics.

Vinnie learnt that Florence Nightingale was a nurse.

Violet has enjoyed helping Susannah with her challenges.



Mercades has learnt how to do multiplication using arrays.

Vinnie has learnt all about repeating patterns.

Paige and Madison have learnt all about split diagraph o_e.

Violet has enjoyed ordering fruits by their size.

Aidan has enjoyed his big write this week and wrote all about if he were a teacher. Aidan would let everyone play all day!

Edward has learnt to swim face down then face up blowing bubbles at the same time.

Scarlett has enjoyed making musical patterns with the drum.

Maddy and Harrison learnt to swim underwater and collect a weight from the bottom of the pool.

Vincent learnt how to float on his back in swimming.

Chloe learnt all the different ways of making the sound 'oa'.

Susannah enjoyed painting repeating patterns.

Poppy learnt all about healthy portions in science.




Mercades learnt how to write a poem.

Isaac learnt that poems don't always have to rhyme.

Scarlett enjoyed playing with Maddison Tanner.

Aidan learnt more about compound words.

Shelby and Madison K learnt lots of different ways of making the 'oo' sound.

Oliver learnt how to do a comprehension sheet.

Jack learnt how to look for quarter to and quarter past times on a clock.

Lexie and Vincent learnt all about dentists.

Chloe learnt about the Jewish festival Shabbat

Vinnie and Maddy learnt about healthy drinks.

Keisha learnt how to write a poem all about herself.

Harrison learnt how to read a poem all about teeth.

Maddison Tanner, Violet and Susannah learnt how to sing the alphabet.

Amy liked playing with the dolls this week.

Jenna learnt what Jewish people eat.



Jack learnt that Mr Lill is joining our classroom to train to become a teacher.

Isaac learnt what we need on a healthy plate.

Edward learnt to swim with a float.

Shelby learnt about firefighters this week.

Maddison Tanner has enjoyed playing with the farm.

Jenna learnt that firefighters have a hydraulic lift called 'Simon'.

Mercades learnt what a compound word is.

Chloe learnt lots of different ways of making 'm' sounds like 'mb' and 'mm'.

Susannah has enjoyed playing doctors this week in the roleplay area.



Mercades, Vincent and Maddie T have learnt the phonetic alphabet.

Aidan has learnt what a compound word is.

Shelby enjoyed making a star of David in R.E.

Paige learnt how to count in 2's and 5's.

Lexie and Charlie have enjoyed learning all about the police.

Susannah has enjoyed a visit from Bobby Bear and PCSO Newell.

Jack has learnt about Judaism in R.E.

Chloe has learnt a new sound in phonics 'igh'.

Vinnie enjoyed making the star of David in R.E.

Madison and Edward enjoyed a visit from Mr Fraser who brought in riot police equipment.