Welcome to Maple class 

We are a happy, busy bunch of reception, year 1 and year 2 children.

Our helpers are Mrs Baker, Miss Gillies, Mrs Campling and Miss Mackey.

We worked super hard during 2017 and are enjoying our new learning in 2018!

Here we all are 

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Welcome back to our Autumn term we are looking forward to lots of new learning!

what we have learnt this week.


We are glad to be back at school!

Lexie Mae is glad shes back because she gets to see all her friends.

Leo C is glad to be back playing with the cars.

Isla is looking forward to playing with her friends in the classroom especially Leo C and the cars.

Paige gets bored at home and enjoys being back because there is lots to do!

Susannah is glad to be back at school because she has missed playing with her friends.

Shelby has missed Jessica and Scarlett and likes to see all the teachers so is really pleased to be back.

Lexi is also glad to be back so she can see all her friends!

Summer has missed Megan in the holidays.

Maddy is glad to be back because she has missed learning in all her lessons. 

Megan is enjoying being back at school especially looking forward to her maths lessons.

Jessica has been missing Shelby in the holidays so is glad to be back.

Oliver has missed the teachers as well as all his friends.

Jack has missed playing with the hot wheel cars with Oliver.

Madison K is pleased to be back because she has missed Oliver.

Chloe is looking forward to playing on our new playground markings.



Lexie has enjoyed making her calender this week.

Scott was a snowman in our Christmas play and enjoyed colouring a snowman picture.

Megan  enjoyed our Christmas play performing as a snowman.

Jack and Oliver enjoyed a present puzzle, cutting out a rectangle present cutting it into pieces and rebuilding it as a square.

Susannah enjoyed her family coming to watch her in the Christmas play.

Vinnie has enjoyed reading his level 6 books this week.

Jessica has enjoyed colouring in her calender in lots of bright colours.

Maddy J performed as a hedgehog in our Christmas play and enjoyed colouring in a hedgehog picture.


n performed as Eric Elf in our Christmas play and enjoyed colouring elf pictures in.

Summer enjoyed making her Christmas card.







Maddison T learnt the 'c' sound like 'ch' in 'school'.

Jack learnt about nonsense rhymes and made his own funny poem.

Molly enjoyed learning the 'ss' sound in phonics.

Maddy learnt that nouns are people, place, feelings or things.

Leo C liked playing superheroes with Harrison, his super power is that he is super fast!

Eleanor learnt the 'ss' sound in phonics.

Scott learnt some ordinal numbers playing a ordinal number game with Susannah.

Summer has enjoyed playing Frozen games with Eleanor.




Eleanor has learnt the sound 'f' in phonics.

Maddy J and Shelby  learnt all their 5 vowels this week.

Vinnie has learnt all about the first Christmas in RE. Vinnie made a lovely manger in the stable scene.

Megan has learnt the 'b' sound in phonics.

Madison K has learnt the rules for spelling verbs in phonics.

Kenzie learnt that it is easier to do his addtions starting with the largest number and counting on.

Violet learnt the biggest number always comes first in a subtraction.

Harrison learnt the life cycle of a chicken.

Leo A has enjoyed playing superheroes this week with Harrison.

Jack learnt that a teenage chicken is called a boiler.

Lexie has learnt that the letter 'a' can make 'ay', 'a' or 'o' like in the word 'wash'.



 Harrison learnt all about the first Christmas.

Chloe learnt all about past tense, present tense, regular and irregular verbs.

Vinnie learnt that Mary and Joseph had to walk a long way to Bethlehem.

Scott learnt the 'ea' sound in phonics and learnt words like 'head' and 'treat'.

Molly and Eleanor have enjoyed a science challenge where they had to match parent and baby cards.

Megan has learnt the 'r' sound in phonics.

We all enjoyed meeting His Royal Majesty King Michael Odunayo Ajayi from Nigeria Africa this morning. We learnt all about him and got to ask him questions he even came to visit us in our classrooms.





Kenzie learnt that the'u'sound can make'ue'sound in phonics.


Oliver and Harrison learnt about verbs in phonics.


Jack learnt how to spell 'little'.

Chloe learnt that the tallest child is not always necessarily the oldest in science.

Megan has learnt 'c' and 'k' in phonics.

Leo Ashby has learnt 'o' and 'g' in phonics.

Susannah learnt that 'g' can make a 'j' sound like the word magic.

Lily learnt the word 'no' this week in phonics.

Summer has enjoyed playing with Eleanor.

Ethan has learnt how to double and halve with money.

Lexie learnt that 'o' can make an 'oh' sound.





Vinnie has learnt the split digraph a-e sound in phonics.

Susannah learnt that every new line in her poem needed a capital letter.

Ethan learnt the 'zh' sound as in treasure, television, explosion and station.


Lexie learnt the split digraph u-e sound as in cube.

Violet has learnt the split digraph i-e sound as in lice and lime.

Lily has learnt the new sound 'd' in phonics.    

Leo A has enjoyed his phonics this week.

Megan has enjoyed reading her book.

Molly has enjoyed writing and reading.

Jack has learnt that a fable has a moral. 



Susannah and Vinnie learnt the 'ew' sound in phonics.

Violet learnt that her brain is protected by her skull.

Ethan learnt that 'o', 'e' and 'a' make an 'er' sound.

Amy learnt that all families are different.

Summer enjoyed drawing her family on holiday.                                  

Chloe learnt her quarter to and quarter past times on the clock.

Jack learnt more about apostrophes in phonics.

Harrison and Oliver learnt how to throw and catch a bean bag in PE.

Megan enjoyed the 

hungry caterpillar story.

Lily enjoyed making patterns with the coloured teddy bears.

Jessica enjoyed cutting out pictures from the Gruffalo story.

Lexie learnt how to aim using a bean bag in PE.

Eleanor enjoyed the story Farmer Duck.



Harrison learnt what a Hindu temple looked like and enjoyed drawing one.

Shelby learnt the story 'Whatever next' in English and also learnt its a ficton book.

Chloe learnt the 'air' sound in Phonics.

Leo Ashby and Jessica enjoyed playing with the remote control cars.

Eleanor enjoyed playing mummy's and sister's with Summer and Megan.

Ethan learnt how to add and takeaway 10 with a hundred square.

Susannah learnt the 'ue' sound.

Lily enjoyed making a rocket out of bricks for her challenge.

Jack learnt what a homophone is in Phonics.

Kenzie learnt how to keep his handwriting straight.

Maddy J learnt that Kangaroos are super tiny when they are born.



Leo Cooper has enjoyed playing Power rangers outside.

Jack has learnt how to spell anchor and acrobat in phoncis.

Madison has learnt lots of different ways to spell the 'air' sound in phonics.

Maddy has learnt what a multiple of 10 is in maths.

Susannah learnt a new sound 'ie' in phonics.

Shelby has learnt her teens number's by partitioning her tens and ones.

Harrison learnt that the first train was built in the 19th centuary by reading his comprehension sheet in guided reading.

Paige learnt that we can spell the 'air' sound as 'ere' in phonics. 

Lexie learnt a new song all about our seasons.

Eleanor has enjoyed playing hide and seek with Megan.

Molly has enjoyed playing in our outdoor area and playing with the Barbies.

Maddison T has learnt to count in 2's.