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Here you can see what sports activities have recently been happening, plus keep an eye out for any upcoming events.

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Upcoming Events

NOTE: swimming for all the infants every Wednesday during the spring term

2nd October: Y3-6 Tag Rugby competition - postponed due to weather



Recent Events

11th December - New Age Curling competition

Some of us took part in the Curling competition today; 7 schools took part altogether. We split into 2 teams (years 1,2,3 and years 4,5,6) and competed against similar teams. At the end the scores were totalled. We didn't win, but we certainly enjoyed it!

4th December - Throwing and Catching competition for the infants.

A team from the infants competed against other schools today in a competition arranged by Sport2Day.

Lots of skills - and lots of fun. Here are some of us in action:


15th November - New Age Curling enrichment day for all year groups.

Mr Spooner from Sport2day came in and delivered an enrichment day to all the classes on New Age Curling. You may remember curling from watching the Olympics - it's a target game on ice. No ice for us - it's an indoor version. Players try to get closest to the targets. Great fun. A competition will follow!

Here are a few pictures from the year 3s and 4s in action:

4th November - visit from Peterborough Football Club

Peterborough Football Club paid us a visit in assembly today, showing us videos and getting us all enthused about football. Peter Burrow their mascot also came along, and we showed him how to floss properly.


15th October - visit from Peterborough Phantoms ice hockey players

We were fortunate to have a visit from Peterborough Phantoms today. They showed us some inspirational videos, explained about ice hockey (and some other sports) and dressed one of us in all the kit!


26th September - Tag Rugby Enrichment Day (KS2)

Mr Hughes organised a Tag Rugby Enrichment Day for all the juniors. He taught them various skills - tagging, running, passing - and various different rugby games. Some will be picked for the competition against other schools next week!

July 17th - Year 6s v staff rounders match

The staff took on the might of the year 6s in our yearly match. Fiercely competitive, as ever, but full of good humour and sportsmanship. A win for the staff this year. Here are some of us in action:


July 10th - Ultimate Frisbee competition

Today was our frisbee competition. 2 teams from our school attended: a year 3/4 team and a year 5/6 team. Games lasted 7 minutes, and each team had to score by throwing the frisbee over the score line and catching it! Tricky! It took plenty of skill and determination, and each team got better as the competition progressed.

The year 5/6 team came 6th and the year 3/4 team 2nd (gaining silver medals). Well done everyone!


June 26th - School Games Day / Sports Day

In the morning, the year 5s and 6s led sports and games activities for the rest of the school. 10 different activities, and the children rotated between them. Lots of fun, and great leadership from Oak class. In the afternoon we had our more traditional races between our 4 colour teams. Great sportsmanship from everyone. Well done!


June 2019 - Ultimate Frisbee enrichment day

Mr Newton taught us how to play "Ultimate Frisbee". He taught us different types of throw, and how best to catch a frisbee. He then taught us the game. Teams have to try to score a "goal" by throwing the frisbee over their line and making sure one of their players catches it. The other team must defend, and try to score the opposite end of the pitch. Good fun - lots of skills, and tactics too.

The year 3s and 4s played first, then the year 5s and 6s followed. Here we are in action:


May 2019 - Danish Long Ball competition

"What is Danish Long Ball?" I hear you ask. Well, it is a hitting and fielding game where you hit the ball and run to the other end of the field and back again. The fielders have then to throw the ball at you as you try to make it back. (Luckily it's pretty safe! No injuries today.)

We played against other schools, and there were 2 teams: a year 2/3 team and a year 4/5 team. The younger ones came 6th; the older ones 4th. Well done everyone!


April/May 2019 - cricket coaching

This term we have been lucky enough to have a qualified cricket coach - Miss Hill - who has been teaching us all the skills involved in the game during PE lessons. Both the junior classes have been getting the coaching.

Here are some of the year 3s and 4s getting some batting practice:


1st April 2019 - Hand Hockey interhouse competition in school.


Miss Hill, our cricket coach, organised a "hand hockey" competition for the juniors between our 3 houses (Huntingford, Matthews and Palmer). Hand hockey is similar to netball but using a smaller ball and aiming at stumps rather than a net. Good fun:


27th March 2019 - Kho Kho tournament


20 children from Year 3, Year 4 Year 5 and Year  6 competed in a "Kho Kho" tournament. Kho Kho is a tagging game in teams, that originated in India. Tiring, but fun!


The Y5/6 team came 5th - well done! - and the Y3/4 team came 3rd, securing bronze medals. Great stuff, everyone!




24th March 2019 - Key Steps Gymnastics competition

Loads of our pupils from all year groups took part in the Key Steps Gymnastics competition at Long Sutton. Lots of certificates, plenty of smiles and a few medals too.Well done all those who took part - we were proud of all of you!

Here are a few pictures: